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technical translation * Montpellier, France

About Us

Created in 1994, OVERSYS specializes in technical translation, software development and on-line solution hosting.

Our aim is to provide you with services and solutions that meet your needs.

For your translation requests, we will immediately provide you with a quotation and propose a deadline according to our schedule. For a more accurate estimate, please send us your source files (the translation will be delivered in the same format), along with your deadline and quality requirements (terminology, document audience).

For your development needs, we will draw up detailed job specifications, including your functionality requirements, the proposed environment, and a deployment plan. If users require support and administration, we will define the framework for these services.

Our staff

Éric Duhamel is manager and co-founder of OVERSYS. He has over 20 years of experience in software development, and leverage this expertise to validate the technical translations.
Michel Médina is our senior translation manager. Along with University diplomas in Biology and Computing, his lifetime-long interest in sciences and technologies -spanning from Astronomy to Zoology- helped build a first-hand experience in computing, mechanics, photography, DP, CAD, video editing, 3D rendering and more.
Translations are generally handled internally by our team. We have a few selected sub-contractors.

Legal Form

Oversys is a limited liability company (SARL). Registered in Montpellier, France (B 398 997 163). VAT : FR 55 398 997 163