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Overview of the translation process.

Your document will be translated through the following steps:

1-Request for quote

For the fastest response, email your full document to:

If your document contains sensitive information, ask us about secure transmission options at the same address.

2-Quote transmission

Our business hours are 8:00AM to 5:30PM Central European Time, which is 2:00AM - 11:30AM EST and 11:00PM - 8:30AM PST. RFQs that we receive during business hours are always responded to the same day, usually within one hour. We will email you a price quote and a proposed schedule for the translation, starting from the time your payment is credited.
If you don't receive a quote within the expected time, there may be some email problem. Try submitting the request again, ask for information at the other email address, or phone (English spoken)

3- Payment

If you accept our quote, attach the full document (if using the Free Quote Form) to an email agreeing on the terms of the quote, and proceed to the payment.
Our preferred method of payment is PayPal. It is very easy to use, and the buyer does not have to be a "registered user", you just need a credit card. It offers the highest level of security--your card information is never revealed to us. Our quote email will contain a link to a PayPal page which is pre-filled with the amount, your name, and our name, to eliminate any possible errors.
If you don't wish to use PayPal, ask us about other options.


We handle translations in a way designed to achieve the best possible quality, within the timeframe allowed.
First pass aims to achieve a fairly advanced translation, and deals with terminology and general concepts issues. We may ask you some questions when this pass is done and all difficulties were not solved. During this pass, the translator yet begins to rephrase the sentences in "good" French. However, he/she will carry along a more literal translation, which will help validate the final document.
Second pass has the translator proof-reading the work just being done. More rephrasing occurs during this pass.
If time allows, the translation is left aside, and taken again several hours later or on the morrow. The same translator reviews again the translation and phrasing.
Eventually, the text is independently reviewed by a senior member of our staff. Objective is to check the translation, choose beween the propositions, and add more value with more rephrasing.


The document is emailed back to you.